Digital Leadership has an important role to play in shaping the organization’ structure, especially in terms of organizational transformations; adaptation of digital technology by both consumers & retailers; as well as considering Digital Inclusion and bridging Digital Divide. It ensures that your workforce uses digital technology readily and in alignment with the business needs. Digital leadership may improve consumer satisfaction, since today’s consumer has access to stores from anywhere in the world in just a matter of moments via a mobile device. Retailers have started using day-to-day technology to enhance their customer engagement. Similarly, social media has become a primary form of advertisement for most retailers. Cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, and virtual reality have become an active part of the shopping experience.

It is imperative for the organizations to align its overall transformational goals with its core mission. With effective digital leadership, an organization is able to create workflow and business processes that allow new applications, products and services to be rolled out quickly. To leverage digital technology, many organizations are also transforming automation. A larger digital strategy, enabled by intelligent automation, is needed for a true end to end process transformation. This could be better implemented by adopting a holistic approach and cross-organizational collaboration.

While digital adaptation is becoming the new norm, it is imperative that digital leaders consider the aspects of inclusive leadership that support digital inclusion. Large organizations typically adopt innovations and advanced technological solutions than smaller organizations. To bring in digital inclusion, leaders should consider the tools to be used, the norms & policies to be set and the behaviors to adapt. This would assist digital leaders to lead with a purpose, create belonging, and value differences.

Digital Leadership Summit aims to target these topics for the organizations to be able to adapt the digital transformation smoothly and more effectively.

Objectives of Digital Leadership Summit

Digital Leadership Summit is for Whom

Overall Theme

Organizing Chair

Prof. Pankaj Setia (Institute Chair; Chairperson – Center for Digital Transformation; and Professor Information Systems at IIM Ahmedabad)


Registration Process to Attend the Digital Leadership Summit (DLS) 2023 organized by the Center for Digital Transformation in IIM Ahmedabad campus:

  1. To attend the DLS on IIM Ahmedabad campus apply through the DLS portal. The seats are limited.
  2. Please share your details (preferrably attach your CV or detailed Linkedin profile link) while applying to attend the summit.
  3. Formal invitation to attend the DLS will be sent to the approved applicants by IIM Ahmedabad.
Logistics related to Digital Leadership Summit (DLS) at IIM Ahmedabad: Attendees are requested to get in touch with digitaltransformation@iima.ac.in for lodging. A few preferred lodging options are available (This service will be provided on first-come-first-basis). Attendees will have to bear the cost of lodging.

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