Funding and Scholarship

Travel & Lodging for Presenters of Selected Papers:

We will be able to cover certain costs for travel and lodging for the presenters of the selected papers. This includes:

  1. a) Air fare for longer distance and / 2nd AC train fare for shorter distance; and
  2. b) Accommodation in the A/C Dorms with attached bathroom.

Research Scholarship for Ph.D. (Doctoral) Scholars:

A limited number of funding is available for Ph.D. (Doctoral) scholars who are currently working on insolvency and bankruptcy topics associated with universities and institutes. Those who wish to avail the funding are requested to write to

The research scholarship is worth ₹ 10,000 consolidated per research paper.

Ph.D. students researching in the insolvency and bankruptcy space will have to submit the following documents.

  1. Ph.D. enrolment letter on college/ university letter head duly signed by the Ph.D. student and the supervisor. The enrolment letter should state your full name and details of the Ph.D. course being pursued. It should be duly stamped with the university seal.
  2. A No objection letter on university letterhead duly signed by head of department with university seal.

The sum shall be awarded on completion of conference; and meeting all submission as per timelines.

Data sharing for research:

The IBBI disseminates data and information for researchers and other stakeholders at regular intervals on its website in downloadable format. IBBI also promotes its research endeavour through several of its publications. Researchers may refer to the same for research articles in the insolvency space. Data pertaining to various processes under IBC can also be found in these publications.

  1. Newsletters: The newsletters encapsulate the legal and regulatory developments; status of all the processes and service providers under the Code; capacity building initiatives and advocacy and awareness generation activities undertaken by the IBBI during the quarter. The newsletters carry a summary of outcomes under the Code and analysis of the same. At present 20 volumes of the newsletter have been published by end of September
  2. Information Brochures which create awareness about several processes are an additional source of information.
  3. Annual Publications: These publications consist of insightful articles written by experts in the field, with topics on various issues in insolvency, bankruptcy, finance, and economic sphere.
  4. IBBI aims to support researchers with any additional data not found in the public domain subject to certain restrictions. The researchers may contact IBBI about the same by writing to


Important Dates

Abstract/Proposal submission
07th January, 2022

Acceptance/ Rejection notification
21st January, 2022

Submission of full papers
21st March, 2022

Final paper acceptance/ rejection notification
10th April, 2022

Presentation of the paper
30th April, 2022 to 1st May, 2022

Submission of revised paper
31st May, 2022