Conference Topics:

Papers should broadly address one of the conference topics listed below or a related area. Academicians and practitioners are encouraged to contribute new ideas, concepts, applications and case studies for discussion in the conference.

Theory and Methods:


Bayesian Methods Directional Statistics

Operations Research

Big Data Exploratory Data Analysis

Panel Data



Pattern Recognition

Cluster Analysis

Functional Data

Probability and Stochastic Processes

Computational Intelligence

Machine Learning

Regression Modeling

Data Visualization

Manifold-Valued Data

Statistical Inference

Design of Experiments

Multivariate Analysis

Time Series Analysis


Application Fields:


Analytics for Environment High Frequency Finance

Risk Analytics

Analytics for Public Policy

Industrial Applications

Social Network Analysis

Analytics for Strategy

Insurance Models

Sports Analytics

Analytics in Education

Investment and Portfolio Models

Statistical Quality Control


Legal Analytics

Supply Chain Analysis

Data Analysis in Banking and

Market Models

Telecom Analytics

Financial Services

Marketing Research

Text Mining

Data Analysis in Retailing

Pricing Analytics

Web Analytics

Deep Learning

Quality Management

Healthcare Analysis

Revenue Management